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Avatar Spartacus | July 19, 2018

The OxyGen app and site are here! After working for over a decade with online media creation, publishing, and monetisation we decided to take everything we needed for our daily work and pack it all into a website and a piece of software that enables the management, scheduling and publishing of media on a variety of social media platforms, the interaction with fan communities from one dashboard, and the analysis of the resulting viewership with powerful analytics. Major media companies already use software like this, but that’s usually a quilt of a variety of enterprise solutions that are both expensive and complex. Our goal is to provide the most effective and as simple as possible tools to turn even a single user into a publishing power house, at a very affordable price.

The OxyGen solution is specifically built to support a ‘media everywhere’ strategy with chains of publishing related media pieces. While it’s fairly obvious in this day and age that a social media piece can’t just be published on one platform alone, the complexity and time effort of uploading videos and images multiple times, and then dealing with the interaction across those platforms often stops us form maximising the effect of our media pieces. Once we have uploaded media it’s also hard to see how the effects of publishing on one platform helped grow views on a another one, or how a related media piece was involved in the chain of interaction we created. It takes an awful amount of time to plan and execute publishing schedules, and the sheer opaqueness of multiple pieces on different platforms supporting each other, often makes us skip essential steps like having the exact right timing of the facebook posts and tweets related to our upcoming YouTube video.

Oxygen takes care of all of that – now, the current Beta Version doesn’t do everything that we want yet, but it’s a first step that already covers many of the essential parts like uploading, multi platform publishing, scheduling, templates for standard settings, managing comments, identifying ‘super fans’, connecting media pieces,  and analytics. Now when this first step is done we’re staring to expand the functionality, add more platforms, improve our interface, and start to gather a load of knowledge to share here on the site. Within that process we’re looking for Beta Users that can help us define the social media software of the future. If you have regular social media activities and you’re willing to give us periodic feedback including participating in brief online surveys we want to get you on board. You don’t have to commit to anything definitive, just promise that you’ll try it out and tell us what you think. In any case we’ll give you a lifetime of free access to our software with very generous limits on uploads and connections. If this is your thing, go ahead and apply here:

I want OxyGen beta!

Spartacus on behalf of the OxyGen team.

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