Technical Questions

What media formats does OxyGen support?

Images Videos and Articles. We accept all the usual technical formats for images and video, but recommend to use jpeg for images and mp4 with a h.264 codec for video as these formats are the easiest to handle without quality loss between platforms. For video you can choose to transcode the video during upload and we will then compress and encode the video automatically at the same quality and aspect ratio as uploaded, but in a smaller mp4 file. If you want to transcode your video the size limit is 1080 x 1920, while for video files that you upload without transcoding there is no size limit.

Can I download all of my media from the Oxygen app?

Yes, you can download your media pieces in the media manager  – it will be downloaded in the same format that you have saved it in.

Where are my files and my data stored?

Oxygen is built on virtual servers in the clouds of Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Digital Ocean. There your data is stored at the best available industry standards for security, with backups and redundancy safeguards.

Is all of my data safe, and do you share it with someone else?

Yes it is and no we don’t. Your data is your data and we don’t sell it, or make it available to anyone outside of our organisation, Inside the OxyGen organisation we have strict policies on who can access user data so that you can rest assured that no-one meddles with your stuff. We will sometimes analyse overall data for performance analysis, when we do that we still don’t make any of your personal or community data visible to anyone inside or outside our organisation.

Can more than one user share the same OxyGen account?

Yes, you can share your account with another user in your account settings. Only you can do this, so there’s no risk that someone else cans suddenly access your account without your approval.

Can a given social media page/channel/feed be connected to more than one OxyGen account or user?

Yes as long as that user has the correct credentials to login to a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter handle, or Vimeo account. The ability to add a social media account is controlled by the user settings on the platform. So for instance if you are three people managing a shared YouTube channel all three of you can add it to your respective OxyGen account. You can also add users in your team directly to your OxyGen account to allow them access that way.

Why is there a limit on video minutes I can upload and the number of social media accounts I can connect?

Bandwidth to publish and server space to store media costs money according to volume. We have done our best to create packages for all kinds of social media users. If you’re a multi-user company that wants an account without limits please contact us.

What is transcoding and why do I need it?

Transcoding is the process of encoding a video file so that it become smaller and has the right codecs to be played effectively online. Since all social media platforms do their own encoding you only need to transcode videos that you intend to download and use on platforms or pages that we don’t yet support.

Can I upload media to a webpage that I manage?

Not yet, but were working on that. For now you can use our transcoding service to make compressed file and manually add it to your web page. Obviously, as always you can manually embed the media piece form the external platform it’s running on after you have published it.

Why can I only see my YouTube analytics?

YouTube was the first platform to open up their API so that other solutions can retrieve analytics data. Facebook has recently expanded the access to performance related data and we’re hard at work at integrating that too.

Why can’t I connect my personal facebook feed?

Facebook only allows the connection of pages to external solutions. You can connect any page that you have administrator credentials for.

General Questions

What is OxyGen?

The OxyGen site is a content and software platform to enable media creators to reach their audiences with their great content even more efficiently, and more successfully by breaking the boundaries set by the platforms and networks that creators use to publish their content.

The OxyGen app is a tool to publish and manage media pieces, interact with fans, independent of where they’re following, and analyse performance of media assets across platforms. OxyGen opens up new ways to monetize and manage communities and content that is independent and free of the constraints of proprietary platforms.

What Social Media Networks does OxyGen support?

OxyGen currently supports YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo for media management. Community management is fully integrated for YouTube and Facebook, with Twitter coming soon. Analytics is available for YouTube, with Facebook on its way after they have recently opened up their API to retrieve meaningful performance data. We are continuously working on expanding our platforms support and will announce new platforms and functionality as they are integrated.

Can I download videos from my connected social media accounts and then manage them inside OxyGen?

Yes, by adding an account to the platform manager you activate the import functionality. Once you have done that you can download any and all media pieces that you have published there together with their meta data and settings. From YouTube you can bulk download any number of videos at once, while Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo have a limit that allows five simultaneous downloads, but any number of sequential downloads. Once you have downloaded the media asset you can go ahead and export it, or publish it to any other account that you have connected. You can chose to re-publish with the same meta data and settings, but you can also change and adapt the data and settings to the platform you’re exporting to.

When will you add Instagram support?

We hope that Instagram will open up their API for publishing from desktops very soon as they have announced. As soon as this happens we will integrate Instagram as soon as possible.

Can I become a contributor to your blog?

We’re more than happy to consider contributions to our blog. If you’re invested you can contact us.

Also read the questions about payments for contribution.

Do you pay for contributions to your blog?

In some cases yes. We’re always looking for contributors that can help spread the word about OxyGen and contribute to the growth of our platform – for that we are willing to pay based on potential reach. If you’re interested in becoming a paid contributor you can contact us.

Is there a minimum time that I have to commit to using OxyGen?

You can change your package instantly or terminate the OxyGen service with notice to the end of the month.

What’s the difference between beta users and ‘normal’ users?

OxyGen is currently running long term beta program to co-develop the OxyGen app with creators willing to invest a little time into giving us feedback and tips on how to further improve our product. As Beta User you get lifetime free access to the OxyGen app with very generous limits on uploads and connections.

How do I become a beta user?

To qualify as Beta User you need to have regular social media activities and be willing to give us periodic feedback including participating in brief online surveys. If you’re interested in becoming an Oxygen Beta User you can apply here: I want OxyGen beta!

What is the OxyGen ‘Partner’ program?

The OxyGen Partner Program enables you to monetise your content via OxyGen by joining our content network on external platforms. You gain access to better copyright management, increased security on the platforms, and more services from us. Instead of paying for the use of our software by a monthly fee, our partners share 15% of their revenue over the platforms we monetise for them. Like all of our user tiers Partners can change their user status with a mouse click until the end of the month, to either change the package or cancel the service.

What is DocuSign, and why do I have to sign a contract in the first place?

DocuSign is a third party application that handles legally acceptable electronic signatures on digital documents. We need to have a contract with you because of the legal requirements of age limits on paid web services and liability connected to copyright of material that you upload to the OxyGen platform. If you are under 16 years of age, but 13 or older your legal guardian needs to approve your electronic signature.



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