The OxyGen App enables you to upload all kinds of media in one place, publish with one click, and manage it across all your social media platforms. Inside the OxyGen App you can interact with your fans, independent of where they’re following you and analyse your media asset performance across platforms. OxyGen opens up new ways to monetise and manage content and communities that is independent and free of the constraints of proprietary platforms.

The OxyGen App

Social Media and Community management software for a new generation of creators and influencers.

All Your Fans in One Place

OxyGen Community Manager

Interact with your fans on a single dashboard independent of where they follow you, and manage your community with of their interactions grouped.

All Your Media in One Place

OxyGen Upload Manager

One stop uploading for video, images, and articles, with templates for your most used settings. OxyGen stores all your media for use on all your social media platforms.

Upload Everywhere Instantly

OxyGen Platform Manager

Publish your media to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and more with one click. Schedule and manage your media settings on all platforms from one dashboard.

Nuts & Bolts Analytics

OxyGen Analytics

Get the real performance data of your media and community, grouped or by asset in a way that you need it, independent of how the platforms presents it.

Get Freedom Get OxyGen

OxyGen for Creators

OxyGen is flexibility to do what you want with your data, independence from platforms and networks, and freedom to focus on what really matters: creativity!