The OxyGen app is an all-in-one solution for sharing and monetizing online media. You can use it on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone using Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Below you can find out more about our rich functionality.

All Your Media in One Place

Upload, import, and manage all your Videos, Images, and Posts in one place that you alone control, independent of where they are published.

Edit Meta Data directly in OxyGen everywhere you published the asset, or platform by platform with one click.

Manage Settings like monetisation, subtitles, age restrictions, revenue shares, or copyright information and update with one click.

Publish and Schedule your media for any of your social media channels with one click, and share settings across platforms.

Bundle Media to track related media pieces together, optimise performance and cross-promote effectively.

Create Templates and rules to avoid repetitious task and always make sure that your base settings are the same.

All Your Fans in One Place

All Your Interaction from one dashboard – answer and manage comments, mentions, and replies with a view on the big picture.

Take ownership of your community. See your fans independent of where they follow you and see all the interaction at once.

View Your Fan activities individually across different media pieces to see their interaction patterns.

See Super Fans by looking at who comments and interacts the most and reply to fans based on everything they’ve said.

Reduce Your Workload to handle social media interaction by flagging and sharing  interaction tasks with the rest of your team.

Increase the Value of your social media work by concentrating where it generates the most audience and financial result.

Upload Everywhere Instantly

Link Your Accounts, to manage your entire social media portfolio in one place where you own and have full access to the data.

Import Your Media to OxyGen and share it across your social media pages and accounts with one click.

Save time and effort by avoiding double uploading and repetitious management of meta data, and media settings.

Increase monetization possibilities by having a complete view of your social media accounts linked to each other.

Increase Promotion and viewership by creating linked publishing schedules of connected media pieces across accounts.

Automate Publishing across your social media accounts by creating publishing rules and uploading templates.

Nuts and Bolts Analytics

Analytics for Creators the way we need to understand our data. We group data so that it reflects our needs instead of platform wishes.

Multi Account data so that you can see how your channels are performing in total without switching between accounts.

Media Data made visible across OxyGen so that you see your data while you work on settings, publishing, and cross promotion.

Complete View by capturing all platform data just as full as what you get in platform proprietary analytics and then some.

Bundled Data to create reports for sponsors and ad buyers reflecting the complete performance of your media packages.

Key Performance Indicators like Revenue Per Mille Views and Fill Rates displayed directly without distortion.

Get Oxygen Get Freedom

Freedom to do what you want with your data and your media – download, save, and export anything at will.

Independence from platforms, networks and agencies. This is your media, community, and data in your space and you own it.

No Long Term Contracts, you can come and go as you wish on a 30 day notice for all our packages, including our partner program .

Flexible Packages adapted to the volume requirements and wallet of every kind of creator, scaled to grow with your needs,

Free 30 Day Trial without commitment so you can choose the right package. based on experience – Go!

Apply as Beta Tester – currently we are selecting partners who get lifetime, unlimited access to our software as beta testers APPLY NOW